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PVI - We Helped Clean Alaska

Click to watch our company video about how PVI helped to clean a 1989 Alaska oil spill. PVI was able to meet an array of requirements and deliver the equipment fast to respond to the oil spill.

PVI Alaska Oil Spill

Factory and Headquarters Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Manufacturer of commercial domestic and process water heaters. ISO 9001 certified. 130,000 ASME pressure vessels shipped worldwide. Click for copy of ISO certificate.
Predominant NAISC codes 332313, 332410, 332420 and 333414.
Predominant SIC codes 3443 and 3433.

ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) stamps:

  • "HLW" (water heaters)
  • "H" (low pressure boilers)
  • "S" (high-pressure boilers)
  • "U" (unfired pressure vessels)
  • "R" (repair)

PVI, A Brief History

PVI Industries began building commercial, institutional, and industrial water heaters in 1961. We've since become one of the leading suppliers of engineer-specified plumbing and heating equipment for new construction and building retrofits. There are now more than 130,000 PVI installations worldwide.

Originally, the PVI product line was a handful of simple gas water heaters. It has since grown to several hundred standard models and hundreds more possible custom configurations utilizing any of the common energy sources (gas, oil, electric, steam, and hot water) or combinations of energies in storage tanks ranging from 125 to 4500 gallons. Our production is 100% dedicated to the ASME commercial market with no residential manufacturing.

PVI is unique in the industry by being the only ASME-code water heater manufacturer building pressure vessels and heat exchangers from duplex stainless steel (AquaPLEX®). Aiding in the proper fabrication of these vessels is in-house pickle/passivation capability. Once finished, the tanks are naturally immune to corrosion in hot potable water and require no supplemental tank linings or anode protection systems.

PVI products are available nationally and internationally through a network of independent and factory sales representatives. PVI equipment in the field is supported by factory-trained service professionals and a team of highly skilled customer service technicians in our home office. PVI water heaters are also backed by the industry's strongest warranty and service policy package. Our offerings include no-cost first year service policies, extended service policies, multi-year heat exchanger warranties, and 15- or 25-year tank and heat exchanger corrosion warranties.

PVI's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Fort Worth, Texas.

To obtain more information please contact your PVI representative directly.