Dual Energy Heaters

PVI Flex Fuel Dual Fuel Water Heater

Available with AquaPLEX Duplex Alloy

FlexFuel water heaters combine two energy sources in a single tank. You can combine gas, oil, electricity, steam, boiler water, solar or waste heat from condensers, heat pump loops, condensate, etc. Heaters are agency listed as dual energy heaters. Energy sources can operate independently (one at time by manual switch over) or simultaneously, depending upon application.


  • Efficiency is dependent upon the energy sources used.
    In all cases, FlexFuel meets ASHRAE 90.1-2010.
  • Heaters qualify for LEED certification and may qualify for additional points due to the unique manner in which FlexFuel heaters can save energy.


  • Any input from our standard offering of TURBOPOWER gas, TURBOPOWER oil, DURAWATT electric, QuickDraw steam or boiler water are applicable to FlexFuel water heaters.
  • Storage capacities of 215 - 400 - 600 - 900 - 1250 - 1500 - 1750 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 - 3500 - 4000 and 4500 gallons.
  • Flex-fuel heaters are engineered to order. Consult PVI representative for submittal information.

Corrosion Protection

  • AquaPLEX® engineered duplex alloy storage tank (unlined)
  • All tank connections are non-ferrous and removeable.
    Lining protection is not compromised when pipe is threaded into fittings.


PVI Certifications
  • ETL listed to US and Canadian safety standards.
  • FM compliant.
  • ASME, section IV, part HLW stamped and National Board Registered.q
  • CSD-1 (GE-GAP) controls optional.


  • AquaPLEX tank with 25-year warranty

Tank warranty covers leaks, production of discolored /rusty water, chloride stress corrosion cracking or defects in material or workmanship

  • One-year parts warranty
  • First-year service policy  (freight and labor coverage)
  • Long-life service policy (optional)

Information provided above is summary only. Refer to written warranties and service policies for full details.