EOS Electronic Operating System

PVI Water Heater Controls Gateway

EOS is a touchscreen operating control with digital temperature display and plain language indication of operating status, modulation rate and diagnostics. The interface integrates the combustion safeguard control for a single point access to all critical water heater functions. Onboard Modbus protocol allows connection to a building automation system. This control is standard on all Conquest, Power VTX and TURBOPOWER 96 water heaters.


PVI Water Heater Controls

TempTrac electronic operator provides extremely accurate temperature control and fully programmable differentials. It outputs a variable 4 to 20mA signal for those water heater models with modulation. Set point and actual temperatures are displayed constantly on the face of the control. The control also provides a serial connection and Modbus RTU protocol for communication with a building automation system. This connection allows the BAS to "read/write" the setpoint and provides notification of heater status, firing rate and alarm condition. The TempTrac is standard on Conquest, TURBOPOWER 99, TRICON, POWER VT PLUS and MAXIM 3 water heaters. It is optional on almost all other PVI heaters.


PVI Water Heater Controls Gateway

The Dixell electronic operator is an extra-fast-response temperature control for QuickDraw semi-instantaneous water heaters. This device also provides a serial port and Modbus RTU protocol for connection to a BAS.


Custom programmed gateways are available for Building Automation Systems that use Modbus TCP/IP, BacNet or Lonworks communication protocols.