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Power VT® Plus - Condensing Water Heaters

Available with AquaPLEX Duplex Alloy

95% to 96% thermal efficiency at full firing rate. With modulation, efficiency can increase to 99% during partial load demand.

Power VT Plus is a fire tube, condensing storage water heater featuring a 3-pass heat exchanger and a fourth pass economizer for maximum energy savings. Modulating burner with up to 4-to-1 turndown is available. MODBUS connectable operating control.


  • 96% thermal efficiency at full firing rate per ANSI Z21.10.3 testing (399 to 900 MBtu) Modulation increases efficiency to 99%.
  • 95% thermal efficiency at full firing rate per ANSI Z21.10.3 testing (1000 to 2000 MBtu) Modulation increases efficiency to 99%.
  • Heaters qualify for LEED certification and may contribute to additional LEED points.

Inputs / Storage

  • 250 gallon series: 1000 - 1500 - 1800 - 2000 MBtu
  • 300 gallon series: 500 - 750 - 900 - 1000 - 1500 - 1800 - 2000 MBtu

Burner / Venting

  • Natural gas or LP gas. Available with up to 4-to-1 modulation.
  • Premix surface burners (less than 20 ppm NOx on most models).
  • Gas trains are UL compliant and include a second safety shutoff valve and gas pressure regulator.
  • Product vents positively through PVC for 100 equivalent feet. For longer lengths, consult representative.
  • Factory equipped for connection to direct combustion air.

Corrosion Protection

  • AquaPLEX duplex tank material requires no lining.
  • All tank connections are non-ferrous and removeable. Lining protection is not compromised when pipe is threaded into fittings.


  • ETL listed to US and Canadian safety standards.
  • FM compliant.
  • ASME, section IV, part HLW stamped
    and National Board Registered.
  • CSD-1 (GE-GAP) controls optional.


  • AquaPLEX tank with 15-year warranty

Tank warranty covers leaks, production of discolored /rusty water, chloride stress corrosion cracking, condensate corrosion or defects in material or workmanship

  • One-year parts warranty
  • First-year service policy¬† (freight and labor coverage)
  • Long-life service policy (optional)

Information provided above is summary only. Refer to written warranties and service policies for full details.