Cobrex FAQs

How do you remove scale or hard water deposits from the Cobrex heat exchanger?

The heat exchanger is cleaned by flushing with a suitable food grade acid detergent or biodegradable descaler, available at most plumbing supply outlets:

  • Isolate the heat exchanger from the steam and water pressure and allow cooling before cleaning.
  • Install a hose connection to the threaded cleaning ports.
  • Prepare a 50% dilution of a commercial descaler in open container.
  • Place a submersible utility pump into the descaler solution.
  • Connect a hose from the pump to the lower cleaning port.
  • Connect a second hose from the upper cleaning port to the descaler solution.
  • Circulate through the heat exchanger and check the effectiveness of the solution visually and pH test.
  • Flush system after cleaning.

When cleaning the heat exchanger, also inspect the plumbing to the temperature control valve for scale build-up. If necessary, de-scale those hot water surfaces.

Water is dripping from the weep hole on the heat exchanger at startup. Is this normal?

Condensate may form at the leak path (weep hole) of the Cobrex double wall heat exchanger at startup. This is normal as water vapor forms on the cooler heat exchanger surfaces during the heat transfer process. The condensate should dissipate when the unit reaches the desired outlet water temperature. A continuous weep-hole leak is an indication of an internal failure of the heat exchanger.

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