Gas Pressure FAQs

If I have good gas pressure when the unit is off, then it drops below the minimum pressure when the unit fires, what things should I look for as the source of the problem?

This is an indication of a volume problem in the gas supply. Review the gas pipe sizing to the National Fuel Gas Code tables, review the regulator sizing and review the sizing of the gas meter.

Is a Lock-Up type regulator required on PVI products?

A lock-up type regulator is recommended in the gas supply to PVI products to prevent the supply gas pressure, either in the operating cycle or the off cycle, from creeping upward and exceeding the maximum rating of the internal gas train components.

Can a single regulator be used for multiple units?

A single gas supply regulator that is properly sized for multiple appliances is acceptable. The key to reliable operation is proper sizing and placement of the regulator in the gas supply piping. Proper installation will typically require 6 to 10 feet of pipe after the regulator and before the first unit to provide a volume of gas to supply the multiple units and prevent variation in gas supply pressure.

What is more important, gas volume or gas pressure?

They are equally important because you need both proper volume and pressure for a gas fired appliance to operate properly.

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