PVI Conquest Water Heaters Become Energy Star Listed

PVI Conquest gas-fired condensing water heaters are now ENERGY STAR listed. The EPA/DOE approval includes 199,900 through 300,000 Btu heaters in 100 gallon tanks and 399,000 through 800,000 Btu heaters in 130 gallon tanks. The PVI water heaters are the highest input tank-type units certified by the ENERGY STAR commercial water heater program. Listing required third-party laboratory verification of thermal efficiency and standby losses to the ANSI water heater test standard. Testing confirmed that Conquest water heaters operate at and above 95% thermal efficiency and standby losses are more than 16% below the allowable levels established by the ASHRAE 90.1 standard and the Energy Policy Act.

Unlike any other condensing water, Conquest water heaters utilize a fully passivated, duplex stainless steel tank and heat exchanger that is naturally immune to corrosion in potable water. The water heater requires no tank lining, requires no sacrificial or powered anodes for corrosion protection and carries an industry leading 15-year tank and heat exchanger corrosion warranty.