PVI Industries AquaPLEX® Engineered Duplex Alloy

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AquaPLEX Engineered Duplex Alloy

AquaPLEX Engineered Duplex Alloy

Microscopic photo of AquaPLEX
material showing the grain structures
of both grades of stainless steel.

What is AquaPLEX?

AquaPLEX is an engineered blend of austenitic and ferritic steels that combines the grain structures and physical properties of both 300 and 400 series stainless materials. This synergy makes AquaPLEX highly resistant to aqueous, crevice, and pitting corrosion. It also exhibits excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking - a degradation phenomena seen in 304, 304L, 316, and 316L materials from exposure to chlorides (salts) dissolved in water.

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What are the benefits of AquaPLEX?

  • Available on All PVI Water Heaters and Storage Tanks
  • Storage Capacities Range from 150 to 4500 Gallons.
  • No Tank Lining.
  • No Anodes of Any Type.
  • Impervious to Both General Aqueous Corrosion and Chloride Stress Corrosion.
  • Capable of Containing Water > 200°F With No Effect.
  • The Ultimate Longterm Solution for Potable Water Heaters and Solar Thermal Storage.

What makes AquaPLEX so corrosion resistant?

Immediately after final processing, the AquaPLEX material forms a continuous chromium oxide layer on its surface. The process occurs when the high chromium content of AquaPLEX combines with oxygen in the air to form a “passive” layer of protection. This layer is permanent and prevents AquaPLEX from corroding when exposed to the dissolved oxygen and other aggressive elements found in all potable waters.

Is there a temperature limit to AquaPLEX?

No. Although PVI recommends a maximum stored water temperature of 140°F for general use potable water service, AquaPLEX vessels are suitable for continuous exposure to water temperatures greater than 200°F, as often seen in solar thermal storage applications. Such temperatures would quickly erode tank linings like porcelain enamel (glass) or epoxy polymer. Temperature limits for AquaPLEX water heaters are dictated by ASME code limitations or appropriate safety certifications, and not the vessel material itself.

Are there equivalent materials to AquaPLEX?

There are materials that match the performance and life expectancy of AquaPLEX. Examples include tanks constructed from solid Inconel, copper-nickel and other high-chromium duplex stainless steels such as 2205 and 2304. There is no lined steel storage tank that can match the performance of AquaPLEX.