PVI Industries AquaPLEX® Manufacturing Processes

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AQUAPLEX Six-axis synergic-pulse Welding

Six-axis, robotic synergic-pulse welding

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater vessel being removed from
pickling and passivation process tank.

AquaPLEX is a unique material that requires special welding processes and proper pickling and passivation procedures after complete vessel fabrication to be successful. It is not enough to have experience with other grades of stainless steel or code certified welders.

The unique characteristics of AquaPLEX have resulted in the application of several new welding technologies in PVI's manufacturing facility. PVI now employs synergic pulse welding machines that automatically and instantly manage the arc current and voltage based on the welding speed to optimize the size and quality of the welds. PVI also utilizes 6-axis robotic welding to ensure consistent high quality welds across the wide variety of welding operations required for the family of AquaPLEX water heaters.

To return AquaPLEX to its fully passive condition after vessel fabrication, PVI utilizes its in-house chemical processing capability. The vessels are completely immersed in a time, temperature and concentration controlled pickling and passivation solution. When rinsed with purified water and exposed to air, the AquaPLEX reacts with oxygen to create the oxide layer responsible for its lifelong corrosion resistance.

In developing the manufacturing processes for AquaPLEX, PVI consulted with a team of world class engineers and scientists to assist in the material selection, product design, welding technology, vessel fabrication, chemical processing and testing.