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TAC Technology System Goes to War with Ultra-Hard Water



Product Installed


Fort Sill United States Army Base


Lawton, OK

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What the Customer Needed

In the 1970s, Initial Entry Training (IET) “starship barracks,” were constructed on Army bases nation-wide, including Fort Sill. The facilities acquired the nickname because they’re completely self-contained with living quarters, classrooms, mess halls and latrines all under one, star-shaped roof. Many of the starship barracks are being renovated, chiefly to reduce energy consumption. Each barrack holds 500 troops – at that number, high-quantity water use is inevitable – with spikes up to 632 gpm. Hard water has plagued maintenance crews at Ft. Sill since the addition of indoor plumbing. While water is considered hard at 10 grains of hardness per gallon, Ft. Sill’s water measures in at 27.


Archer Western Contractors knew the water treatment system must handle a huge volume while being cost effective. With these parameters, they chose the TAC technology system. The project called for 12 TAC tanks and four and eight-inch backflow preventers to protect the domestic water system. Strainers installed upstream of the RPZs help keep debris from getting into the TAC technology system and backflow preventers.