Double your capacity, minimize your footprint with EZ Plate® Storage

EZ Plate® Storage

PVI Industries is proud to introduce the newest addition to our EZ Plate® Storage Water Heater product line. EZ Plate Storage now offers dual heat exchanger models on one skid. The heat exchangers are stacked to provide the smallest possible footprint while doubling capacity or providing 100% redundancy. The heater comes standard with power switches for each heat exchanger and is equipped with its own pump for independent operation, allowing for isolation and maintenance of the heat exchangers without any system down time.

Recoveries range from 600 to 10,800 gallons per hour based on a 100˚ temperature rise with boiler water temperatures ranging from 125˚F to 180˚F.

PVI’s AquaPLEX® Storage Tanks provide capacities from 150 gallons up to 1000 gallons as a standard catalog offering.

No boiler water control valve is required when boiler water is 180°F or lower. Temperature control is maintained by an electronic operator on the storage tank controlling a circulator between the exchanger and the tank. Optional 2-way boiler water control valve is available for boiler loops utilizing VFD on the main building circulator.