Added Safety Where It Matters Most

Safeguard your home against unforeseeable gas line hazards. With its innovative dual-sensing capabilities, SmartSense® detects and protects against potentially life-threatening situations the moment they arise.

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  • Thermal sensing shutoff mechanism
  • Prevents excessive gas leaks
  • Simple installation
  • Compatible with most residential gas appliances
  • Assembled in the USA

Two Levels of Protection in Gas Line Connection

SmartSense is an intricately-designed valve comprised of two primary components – a gas flow-limiting plunger and thermal shutoff sensing ring. Under normal operating conditions, both parts remain open to allow gas flow at standard flow rates. However, in the event of a rupture, disconnect of an appliance gas connector, or even a fire, SmartSense automatically activates to help ensure your safety.

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1. Excess Flow Limiting

The plunger limits gas flow in the event of a gas appliance connector rupture or disconnect, helping to protect against a harmful build up of gas within the home. Once the gas line is restored and the pressure equalizes, SmartSense will automatically reset to provide the standard rate of flow.

2. Fire Safe Shutoff

The thermal ring expands to stop gas flow when exposed to extreme temperatures and the valve reaches 350°F to 425°F.

Patent Pending. Made in the USA exclusively by Dormont, SmartSense can be used with other Dormont products for providing complete solutions.

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