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Disruptions are the cost of doing business. You need quick and effective solutions before deciding whether to repair or replace equipment that is not performing. At Watts, we have the engineering excellence and manufacturing support to make the right recommendations for you, right from the start.


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Repair kits are available for many Watts products and systems. Find the right kits for your Watts model.

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Installing Your OneFlow+

Start enjoying the benefits of salt-free scale prevention and whole house water filtration.

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Watts Dead Level® Pre-Sloped Trench Drain System

Trench drain installation just got a whole lot easier with the uniquely engineered Dead Level® System.

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TRITON™ Pipe Fusion vs. Socket Welding

Learn traditional socket welding for plastic pipes vs. the innovative TRITON™ Pipe Fusion system.

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We stand behind our products. Find your specific product warranty here.

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