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Setting the standard for rainwater harvesting

As the industry leader in developing water sustainability solutions, Watts sets the standard for rainwater harvesting. Our commercial rainwater harvesting systems are used in North America to efficiently capture, store, treat, and deliver non-potable water for a variety of end uses including irrigation, restrooms, laundry, and more. Using only the highest quality components on the market, we create modular systems that can be customized to meet nearly any location and project need.


A Rainwater Harvesting Solution for New England; see the case study:

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Product Features:

  • Efficient water conservation
  • Modular system design
  • Straightforward maintenance
  • Ongoing support from our engineers

How RainCycle™ Works

Rainwater harvesting offers a sustainable approach to water management. It not only helps commercial and industrial buildings conserve water by reducing the demand on municipal water sources, it can reduce energy consumption and provide economic savings.

Learn how the RainCycle™ Rainwater Harvesting system easily collects rooftop rainwater and then pre-filters, stores, processes and distributes it as non-potable water for such end uses as restrooms, irrigation, and cooling tower water makeup.

Product Image - RCS-7100, RCS-7200, RCS-7300, RCS-7400, RCS-7500, RCS-7600

Rainwater Harvesting Systems

RainCycle RCS-7000 series packages are stand-alone building scale systems for collecting, storing, and treating roof-collected rainwater for non-potable end uses. These PLC controlled systems make it easy to monitor performance from a central location.

Standard Features

  • Filtration rated for up to 80 GPM
  • 304 stainless steel headers, branch piping and frame
  • 2-stage cartridge-type, low maintenance filtration in a non-metallic filter body
  • Fully controlled, auto-dim UV
  • Filtration differential pressure monitoring
  • Tank level monitoring
  • UL 508A control panel with PLC and 7 in. color touch screen
  • All alarms with audio/visual display, time-delayed proof of condition, auto-reset and control logging
  • All components are touch safe regardless of voltage class
  • RS485, Modbus/BACNet/LonWorks/OPC-UA (native) communications


How they work


Series Options

 RCS-7100 - Indirect Pumping, Above Grade Cistern, Remote Transfer Pump Download RCS-7100 Specification Sheet

 RCS-7200 - Indirect Pumping, Above Grade Cistern, Transfer Pump on Skid Download RCS-7200 Specification Sheet

 RCS-7300 - Indirect Pumping, Below Grade Cistern, Submersible Transfer Pump Download RCS-7300 Specification Sheet

 RCS-7400 - Direct Pumping, Above Grade Cistern, Remote Pump Download RCS-7400 Specification Sheet

 RCS-7500 - Direct Pumping, Below Grade Cistern, Suction Lift Pump Download RCS-7500 Specification Sheet

 RCS-7600 - Direct Pumping, Below Grade Cistern, Submersible Pump Download RCS-7600 Specification Sheet


Exclusive RainCycle Features:


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Partner with Watts

With 140+ years of expertise, we provide the support, knowledge, and product selection needed to efficiently harvest rainwater. Our team of experts provides professional consultation and support at every step of the process.

Contact us at (800) 772-1958 or [email protected] to get started.

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