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Dynamic Water HeatingTM Solutions

PVI specializes in manufacturing commercial ASME water heaters that are right-sized to provide the optimal balance between BTU input and storage. Available in a wide range of energy sources including gas, electric, steam, boiler water and oil, our Dynamic Water Heating solutions feature energy inputs from 199 MBH – 7000 MBH and range from instantaneous on-demand water heating to storage type heaters. Fabricated from corrosion-resistant AquaPLEX duplex stainless steel, our long-lasting water heaters are extremely durable, require no linings or anodes, and include the best warranties in the industry.

Learn more about how our Dynamic Water Heating solutions can help your next project by downloading the sell sheet or watching the video below:



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Gas Condensing

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Gas Non-Condensing

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Boiler Water

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Oil and Gas/Oil

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Multiple Energies

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Storage Tanks

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Water Quality

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Digital Mixing valves

Digital Mixing Valves

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Perfect for Small Spaces

Brigade is the perfect solution for small spaces with its ultra-compact footprint and an integrated buffer to handle brief high-spike draws. An extremely energy efficient and durable water heater for a lower cost of ownership.

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