With today’s shift in water heating systems towards lower-flow fixtures, higher system temperatures and increased input-to-storage ratios, PVI’s Dynamic Water HeatingTM solutions combine the advantages of both instantaneous and storage water heaters to deliver a “right-sized” system that provides lower operational costs, longer service life, a more compact footprint, effective Legionella mitigation and superior temperature control.

What Is Dynamic Water Heating?

Our Dynamic Water Heating solutions combine a revolutionary system design and application approach that integrate innovative products with advanced technology to bring benefits to any project.


OptiSize is the sizing application from PVI that lets you easily calculate the size of your next project and select an optimally-sized water heater with the perfect ratio of BTU input to storage. Try it now!

OptiSize Water Heater Sizing


How Do You Benefit from Our Dynamic Water Heating Solutions?


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Lower Operational Costs

By utilizing BTU input to generate hot water, Dynamic water heaters rely on storage only as a supplemental hot water source, which results in lower standby heat losses.

Unlike instantaneous water tube heaters, which can require multiple units to meet over-drive demands, Dynamic water heaters can meet such requirements with a single unit by increasing the flow rate to 25 gpm for short periods.

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Longer Service Life

All PVI Dynamic water heaters are constructed from PVI’s AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel alloy, which is highly resistant to corrosion and requires no tank lining or anodes.

While glass-lined tanks are prone to cracking and premature failure, Dynamic waters heaters’ AquaPLEX construction helps ensure your system and equipment last longer.

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Compact Footprint

Dynamic water heaters are small enough to fit through standard a 36-inch doorway, making them ideal for retrofit and new construction projects. Small storage tanks ranging from 25 to 200-gallons also help to buffer against demand spikes.

Installation is easier than traditional storage water heaters and the units occupy less floor space. Dynamic water heaters are available from 199 to 2000 MBH.

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Effective Legionella Mitigation

Our water heaters help mitigate Legionella risks in domestic hot water by providing a 140°F setpoint to neutralize harmful bacteria. All stored water is turned over four times an hour to replenish fresh water and continuously introduce water with free chlorine for disinfection.

Dynamic water heaters have less internal surface area to water volume than tube water instantaneous heaters, which helps to preserve free chlorine for additional Legionella protection.

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Superior Temperature Control

Dynamic water heaters control outlet water temperature within a narrow range due to the buffering effect of available stored water. Moderate modulation of 4-to-1 and higher provides additional temperature control by adjusting the burner’s BTU input in relation to the hot water temperature.

Also, no minimum flow rate is required which ensures that hot water is always available.

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