Boiler Water

Boiler Water - Media Grid

Our Boiler Water commercial water heaters generate domestic hot water from boiler water maximizing efficiency with return water temperature as low as 80°F. They feature maximum water pressure of 150+ psi, recoveries from 10-7600 gph and storage capacities ranging from 150-4500 gallons. Available in U-tube, single or double walls, instantaneous and storage models, all water heaters are ASME stamped. Storage water heaters are fabricated from corrosion-resistant AquaPLEX® duplex stainless steel.

EZ Plate Instantaneous

Up to 6,000 MBH
10 - 120 GPM

EZ Plate Instantaneous

EZ Plate Semi-Instantaneous and Storage

Up to 6000 MBH
150 - 900 gallon tanks

EZ Plate Semi Instantaneous and Storage

QuickDraw Storage Water-to-Water

Up to 4000 MBH
150 - 900 gallon tanks

QuickDraw Water to Water Storage