Restaurant Installs PVI Water Heater to End the Frequent Heater Replacement Cycle and Improve Reliability



Product Installed


National Restaurant Chain Owners

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What the Customer Needed

Restaurant operation is brutal to commercial water heaters. High water temperatures and almost non-stop operation were defeating ordinary glass-lined water heaters in a few short years and one restaurant chain owner was desperate to end the frequent replacement cycle at hundreds of installations across the U.S. Another chain was using wall-hung instantaneous water heaters and was encountering repeated issues with reliability and low hot water delivery.


The AquaPLEX duplex stainless steel construction of the Conquest condensing water heater and its impressive warranty persuaded the owners to put several of the water heaters into trial installations. One locale was San Antonio, Texas, an area known for extremely difficult potable water conditions and abbreviated water heater service life. In all installations, the performance and reliability of the Conquest water heaters persuaded the owners to switch to Conquest on all new construction projects and transition all replacement water heaters to the Conquest as well.

Results / Return on Investment

Not only is it costly to frequently replace commercial water heaters in a restaurant, but an interruption in hot water could force restaurants to shut down costing thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The Conquest water heaters are not only highly reliable, but are surviving in areas where water conditions can quickly destroy conventional glass-lined condensing heaters and has resulted in payback in as soon as three years. Additionally, operating costs have remained low as the thermal efficiency of Conquest equals or exceeds the previously installed equipment.